Sunday, February 22, 2015

Islamic State Claims to Behead 21 Peshmerga Fighters

I don't see the video posted at the usual counter-jihad sites, but certainly ISIS has been accelerating its pace of terror.

At CNN, "ISIS claims to behead 21 Peshmerga soldiers, releases video of them in cages":
Irbil, Iraq (CNN)ISIS appears to be trumping its own brutality once again.

In a new propaganda video, the terror group claims to have beheaded at least 21 captured Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers in Iraq. CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of this video.

The video includes scenes showing Peshmerga prisoners still alive in cages and paraded in the streets of Kirkuk, which ISIS has shown in a previous video earlier this month.

The footage, released Saturday, also purports to show the prisoners once again in cages and interviewed by a man holding a microphone with an ISIS logo on it...
Expect updates.