Sunday, March 29, 2015

Death of the Lads Mags?

Well, not quite yet, but Britain's radical feminists are definitely on a roll.

At the Independent UK, "Loaded magazine bids farewell":
Campaigns to obscure the covers of lads’ mags in the name of feminism hit the industry hard in the past couple of years, especially when big retailers like the Co-op got on board, but that’s not what killed off Loaded and Nuts. Both represent an ideology which has become markedly unpopular. “Laddishness” is dying out; the whole concept has become desperately uncool. Even mainstream online porn has been shifting to focus on shared pleasure rather than straightforward female objectification.
Don't believe it for a second.

Lads mags have been shutting down for political reasons, after enduring the assault from the left. When you remove magazines from the marketplace, by covering them and placing them out of sight, market share takes a hit. Nuts reported at the time that they had a good run and didn't need the hassle. It's not quite as bad in the U.S., but it's bad. Protect your freedoms assiduously.

More at the Guardian UK, "Loaded magazine to close after 21 years."

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