Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Comedy Central Backs Daily Show's Trevor Noah After Questionable Tweets

This dude's a real piece of work.


I doubt Comedy Central's going to be able to stay with this f-ker too much longer. He's definitely racist and radioactive.

And see Jon Gabriel, at Ricochet, "‘Daily Show’ Names New Host, Outrrrage Ensues."

Also at Twitchy, "New ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah deletes tweet responding to controversy surrounding his hiring [screenshot]." Man, the dude must have been up all night hitting that delete key, lol!

Still more at NewsBusters, "New Daily Show Host Joked U.S. Worse Than Apartheid South Africa."

Plus, from the idiots at Salon, "Trevor Noah in our crazy birther age: Right-wing rage at “The Daily Show” is about to get very, very ugly."

Yes, because to be rightfully upset with voluminous misogyny and anti-Semitism is so "right-wing."