Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Revolutionary Communist Roots of #BlackLivesMatter

Radical leftists are cheering the shooting of the decorated Boston police officer, "Leftists Celebrate on Twitter Over Boston Cop Shooting."

One of the radicals linked there is Lamont Lilly, a member of the revolutionary communist organization Fight Imperialism, Stand Together (FIST). Lilly's tweets advocate anti-capitalist violence, "no justice, no peace." See, for example, "Fuck peace. We want justice," and "Anti-Racist. Anti-Capitalist. Anti-Sexist. Anti-Imperialist. Simply means you're PRO-HUMAN!"

And the FIST publication, Red Flag, advocates the systematic murder of law enforcement officers of the "capitalist police state." See, "How Will We Defeat the Police State."

And here's this from another article there, entitled "What Do Communists Stand For? Smashing the Low Wage Capitalist State":
Socialism Did Not Fail: And no it hasn't been a big failure everywhere its ever been tried. The Soviet Union, the first attempt to build socialism, went from being an impoverished agrarian country, to being an industrial power house. It doubled the life expectancy of the people. It produced more steel and tractors than any other society. It provided electricity, running water, housing, and medical care to everyone within its borders. The Soviet Union defeated the Nazis and Hitler. The Soviet Union was the first country to enter outer space.

The Soviet Union collapsed in the 1980s, when it was privatizing things. It collapsed when it was introducing capitalist market reforms, and moving away from socialism, led by leaders who repudiated the revolutionary ideology of Marxism-Leninism.
It goes on like that, even going so far as to praise Cuba and North Korea as spectacular successes of the communist model. Whatever. Reality is always upside down in the left's collectivist worldview, and that's from the Obama White House down to the #BlackLivesMatter activists killing cops in the streets. I've written about this before, so by now it's abundantly clear what this movement's all about, although the treasonous, leftist MSM refuses to report the truth. See, "List of Demands from 'Black Lives Matter'."

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