Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Team Harpy Apologizes to Joe Murphy

Team Harpy is Nina de Jesus and Lisa Rabey. Their apologies, published today, are here, "Apologies and retractions."

I'd never heard of these women, but Robert Stacy McCain posted on the controversy today, "Two Women Forced to Apologize for Calling Male Librarian ‘Sexual Predator’."

Ms. de Jesus, who appears to be a trans woman, is a freakin' hardcore leftist ideologue who rails against "settler colonialism" and believes that accusations of sexual harassment/predation need not be backed by evidence of wrongdoing. Moreover, the #TeamHarpy partisans are positively Orwellian, as Popehat points out.

I need to blog something else otherwise I'll be sucked into a netherworld of leftist hatred and evil. Kudos on this Joe Murphy dude for hammering these disgusting trans-SJW jackwagons.