Sunday, January 10, 2016

Emma Quangel Doxed: Hardline Communist @EMQuangel on Twitter Outed as Taryn Fivek, Public Information Officer at International Organization for Migration

I've known for a few weeks that Emma Quangel was really Taryn Fivek. A reader emailed me with the following information:
Her parents are Clark Fivek and Marcia Ladendorff.

Her mom, Marcia Ladendorff, was one of CNN's first anchors when the cable network launched.  She was also the top anchor at WTLV-12 First Coast News in Jacksonville, before semi-retiring as a professor and media personality working at the University of North Florida.  Her dad owns a company.

The parents are divorced and BOTH are likely multi-millionaires who live very comfortable lives.

Communist Taryn Fivek (aka Emma Quangel) is an American-born, pampered TRUST FUND BABY.

Her dad, a successful businessman who lives in the upscale suburban town of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL clearly doesn't appreciate Taryn's conversion to communism:
Of course, the reader sent corresponding links and I Googled a little myself and it all checked out. And that was that. She was still tweeting at the time, and I've had enough of the Internet flame wars to last me for awhile. Besides, she wasn't mean or anything.

In any case, she was definitely hardline communist and was pretty familiar with a lot of the literature, as evidenced by her blog, Manyfesto. Both the blog and her Twitter page have been taken down.

It turns out that BuzzFeed doxed her after she sent out a batch of rather deranged tweets denying news of the recent starvation in Syria. See, "An Aid Worker is Being Accused of Owning a Twitter Account That Denies People Are Starving in Syria."

Remember, according to someone like this, Third World dictators like Bashir al-Assad can never be culpable for the poverty, misery, and obliteration of their own people. It's always the West's fault. That's one of the reasons I blogged about this woman a few times. Her Twitter feed was a veritable treasure trove of the most deranged Stalinist ravings you'd find. See, "Far-Left 'Anti-Racist' Says the United States Should be 'Eradicated'," and "Emma Quangel, Feminist Who Outed Dylann Roof Manifesto, is Militant Communist Who Wants U.S. 'Eradicated'."

There was some chatter on Twitter directed at me this last couple of days, no doubt from folks who found my posts on Google.

Go back and check out that BuzzFeed piece. This woman was getting progressively worse as her online activism gained traction. And it turns out another far-left activist, Molly Crabapple, doxed Quangel on Twitter:

Frankly, Quangel wasn't all that good at being anonymous. The Manyfesto blog actually linked to her LinkedIn account, now deleted as well.

Still more on Twitter:

And she worked for a U.N.-aligned NGO. Let that sink in for a minute.