Saturday, March 12, 2016

Breitbart Senior Editor Joel Pollak Told Staffers to Stop Defending Michelle Fields (VIDEO)

When I first started checking out this story, I tweeted, "Video or it didn't happen."

I still haven't seen what you'd call "conclusive" video evidence that Fields was assaulted --- and there's been all kinds of conflicting reports claiming to have such evidence, although nothing I've seen is definitive either way.

Sadly, Ms. Fields doesn't come off as a persuasive victim. She appears "clingy" and "whiny." In other words, she's not a sympathetic individual, especially considering the hateful "purity" wars we're having right now over Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump.

I haven't been on Twitter that much lately. It's been too ugly.

In any case, see BuzzFeed, "Breitbart Editor Ordered Staffers to Stop Defending Michelle Fields." (Via Memeorandum.)

Pollack ordered:
“EVERYONE. STOP tweeting about the story. Stop speculating about the story. Stop answering queries about the story. Stop retweeting other people's comments about the story. You were given explicit instructions. If you have new information please DM me.”
Plus, watch Ms. Fields' interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News from a couple of nights ago, "Trump campaign manager accused of assaulting reporter."