Sunday, March 13, 2016

Donald Trump Attacks John Kasich Over Free Trade, Says Governor Abandoned Ohio


At the Wall Street Journal:
CLEVELAND — Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump attacked Gov. John Kasich for supporting free-trade policies the billionaire businessman said have hurt Ohio’s job market and economy, and he accused the governor of abandoning the state while running for president.

During a rally before several thousand supporters here on Saturday, Mr. Trump accused Mr. Kasich of letting the state’s coal and steel industries fade and said Ohio’s economy was only saved by the discovery of shale oil in recent years.

He also accused the two-term governor of being weak on immigration, spending too much time in New Hampshire on the campaign trail and not addressing the state’s problems.

“Why didn’t he drop out?” Mr. Trump said at a convention center near the city airport. “Now he says he is going to win Ohio? I really don’t think so.”

Mr. Trump has escalated his attacks on Mr. Kasich as Tuesday’s Ohio’s primary draws near.  The businessman had 37% support among Republican primary voters in Ohio, while Mr. Kasich registered 34% support, according to a Real Clear Politics average of recent polls.

Mr. Trump’s event here was disrupted about a half a dozen times by protesters, while his supporters chanted “Trump! Trump!” as the protesters were escorted out. The protests appeared spontaneous, in contrast to the seemingly more-organized confrontation at a Chicago campaign rally on Friday that was consequently canceled over security concerns...