Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Frauke Petry Is Germany's Anti-Angela Merkel

Pretty interesting.

The Donald Trump comparisons are obligatory, with the implication of Nazism, of course.

Oh, keep in mind that the "far-right" is used as a smear. People like this aren't "far-right." They're mainstream populists that scare the bejesus out of idiot establishment hacks.

At NYT, "Germany’s Embrace of Migrants Spawns Rise of Far-Right Leader":
MANNHEIM, Germany — In the current tussle for the future of Germany, Frauke Petry is what you might call the anti-Angela Merkel.

Where Ms. Merkel, the chancellor, has welcomed refugees, Ms. Petry, a rising far-right leader, has said border guards might need to turn guns on anyone crossing a frontier illegally.

Where Ms. Merkel has urged tolerance, Ms. Petry has embraced the angry populism now running through Europe and the United States.

“The preachers of hatred” was how the news weekly Der Spiegel characterized the new German right on its cover last month, emblazoned with a portrait of the petite Ms. Petry.

But this brisk, garrulous 40-year-old is more than Ms. Merkel’s foil. She is a disruptive, new force on the German political scene.

She and her party, the Alternative for Germany, have ridden a wave of discontent over the chancellor’s embrace of more than one million refugees to their strongest poll ratings ever...
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