Tuesday, March 1, 2016

‘He Doesn’t Care Who He Makes Mad’ — Donald Trump Support Is Deep and Diverse

Ted Cruz picked up Oklahoma and his home state of Texas. After that it's been all Donald Trump, and vote tallies are still coming in.

Lots of folks are going absolutely batshit crazy at the prospects of a Trump nomination, but all that does is make his supporters love him even more.

At NYT, "Donald Trump’s Backers Express Deep and Diverse Support":

Donald J. Trump won the vote of a 59-year-old cabdriver in the Boston suburbs who said he lost his trucking business after immigrants began delivering cargo for less.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, one of the country’s wealthiest, he won the backing of a newly separated mother and a longtime Democrat who spoke of the possibility of another terrorist attack, saying, “I don’t think we feel safe right now.”

And Mark Harris, a 48-year-old owner of an antiques shop in Canton, Ga., said he did not much care for Mr. Trump’s ego and worried that his impolitic speech could derail American diplomacy.

But Mr. Harris voted for Mr. Trump, too.

“He’s not afraid to get in the trenches and fight for you,” Mr. Harris said. “He’s going to be a bully, and he’s going to tell them what he thinks, and he’s going to push to get it done. He don’t care who he makes mad in the process.”

Mr. Trump’s string of victories Tuesday, the biggest day of primary voting, was not unexpected. But interviews with Trump voters from the middle-class suburbs of Minneapolis to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains revealed a surprising depth and diversity of support that could sustain him as a front-runner in the critical weeks to come...

The wisdom of the common people ... isn't that a beautiful thing? And it's confounding everyone, on both the left and right.