Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brianna Addolorato, Fashion Model, Blogger, and Activist

And topless hottie.

Her name is Brianna Addolorato. I’ve never heard of her – but if the paparazzi are taking pictures of her – it’s safe to assume that she’s got a good scam going on, one that involves knowing who the paparrazzi who will take pictures of anyone in a bikini are – but more importantly, that she has been able to polarize her whore behavior, slutty pics, by calling herself a Fashion Blogger…which basically means zero, just that she tags the clothing she wears, or as she probably calls it “curates”…because justifying her whore for follower behavior, or packaging it as “fashion blogger” you know giving it a bigger purpose – makes brands happier to send money her way…it’s all fucking lies…

But at least she knows her place, gets topless one the beach and keeps the lie alive by reminding us she’s down to fuck, but she can make more money if she pretends she’s not...
Click through for the photos. She's a blond hottie.