Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Corbyn Supporters Blame Labour Coup on Zionist Plot

Well, what else these days?

Following-up, "Jeremy Corbyn Refuses to Resign After Losing Nob-Confidence Vote (VIDEO)," and "Angela Eagle to Challenge Jeremy Corbyn (VIDEO)."

At Heat Street:
Jeremy Corbyn is fighting for his political life today as more than 20 of his top team have lined up to knife him.

Disgruntled frontbench MPs cited his lack of leadership and inability to stop Brexit as reasons for their revolt – but die-hard Corbyn fans say they know better.

Hundreds of supporters who have the leader’s back claim the real reason for the revolt is a fruition of a Zionist conspiracy.

Truthers posted their thoughts publicly on social media, while MPs including rising star Jess Phillips say they are receiving far more accusations in private.