Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Czech Republic's Lucie Šafářová Dress 'Too Short for Wimbledon'

So since when are short dresses a controversy in professional tennis? Seems like you're always looking at women's undies.

At the Telegraph UK, "Why Wimbledon loves a controversial fashion moment on court":
After the week that is, what relief to be absorbed into the fastidious sartorial guidelines of South-west London’s finest purveyors of sporting dignity.

Or not, as the case may be… viewers (and questions of taste) have already been sent spinning by the erm, fluidity of Nike’s 'Premier Slam’ dress: a sort of sporty, baby doll, thigh-skirting pleated mini dress worn by Czech Republic first round winner Lucie Safarova on Monday, which floated up perilously throughout play...
Even the staid NYT's getting into the action on this one: