Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Michelle Fields Abruptly Ends Interview When Called Out by Steve Malzberg on Corey Lewandowsk Lies (VIDEO)

Fields has a new book out, "Barons of the Beltway," which I'm not going to promote on Amazon. She's a liar.

Steve Malzberg just destroys her here. I mean this is one of the most brutal live take-downs ever. She's completely caught red-handed. I'm sure the publisher has already edited out the bald faced lies about Mr. Lewandowski.

Has there ever been a bigger career meltdown? I don't know if she'll recover.

At Gateway Pundit, "BOOM! Hoaxer Michelle Fields Gets Called to the Carpet on Her Many Lies – Walks Off Interview! (VIDEO)."

And the full video's here, "Malzberg — Full interview with Michelle Fields on the firing of Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski."

A sad little woman.