Friday, September 16, 2016

Ben Shapiro's Seen the Light?

Remember, if you're voting Hillary you're not conservative. And frankly, if you're not voting for Donald Trump you're no conservative either, at least in my book, since to be conservative today means to stop the leftist destruction of the country and try to set America back on the right track. Donald Trump at least gives us a chance.

So, it's amazing how Ben Shapiro, who was one of the biggest, ugliest, and most vicious critics of Trump and the Trump movement during the primaries, is now singing the virtues of the surging Manhattan mogul.

At the Daily Wire, via Memeorandum, "Trump Trolling Master Class: ‘Obama Was Born In The United States. Period.’"

Ben Shapiro photo Csg7gecXgAEbbSy_zpsehmotf1y.jpg