Friday, September 16, 2016

Congressional Black Caucus Slams Donald Trump for 'Birther' Racism (VIDEO)

I was alternating on and off with the mute button while this segment was live on CNN. My wife was getting ready for work and she just couldn't listen to these black racist harpies yammering on about birtherism. I mean, who freakin' cares? It's a made-up issue, resurrected by a stupid article in the Washington Post yesterday. We've got way bigger issues to be talking about, but leftists want distractions about "racism" because it helps their disastrous candidate, "Hacking" Hillary Clinton.

Watch, "‘This Is a Disgusting Day’ Congressional Black Caucus Reacts to Trump’s Birther Walkback."

Also at Town Hall, "Congressional Black Caucus Calls Trump 'Racial Arsonist' After Birther Speech."