Saturday, September 3, 2016

Donald Trump Speaks at Black Church in Detroit (VIDEO)

He's got such an ease of relationships with the black community. It's on display. And I love his message of unity, peace, and prosperity. He's promising to right the wrongs that have afflicted America's blacks, and he's sincere.

I feel so bad that we might very well miss the chance to have this man as our national leader, because despite all of Trump's bluster, he's actually pretty meek in person. He in fact doesn't like to confront people face to face, he'll listen to concerns, and then use his business instincts to try to make this work. To try to strike a deal.

Remember Michele Bachmann from yesterday, where she said that if you don't like Trump's blustery demeanor, well, get over it. You gotta go with the full package, and I confident that he's expressing genuine heartfelt sentiments about black uplift and community recovery.

It's so much more enriching than what we hear from the current president, which is all about dividing communities rather than uniting them. Just look at public opinion polls on race relations today. Listening to Trump is like a breath of fresh air, and I'm black, people. My dad was black. My sisters and I endured racism and hostility when we were kids. No, I'm not from the downtrodden inner-city --- both of my parents held advance degrees from elite universities --- but the black struggle is real to me and I take all of this very personally.

In any case, at the Detroit Free Press, "Trump to parishioners at black Detroit church: 'I'm here to listen'." (At Memeorandum.)

And watch, at Fox News, "Trump speaks at Detroit church: We're in this together."