Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton to Offer More Detailed Information on Medical History

Following-up from this morning, "Donald Trump to Keep Quiet on Hillary Clinton's Health Episodes, Will Release His Own Detailed Medical Report This Week."

At the New York Times, "Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to Release More Information on Her Health":
Shortly after receiving a diagnosis of pneumonia on Friday, Hillary Clinton decided to limit the information to her family members and close aides, certain that the illness was not a crucial issue for voters and that it might be twisted and exploited by her opponents, several Clinton advisers and allies said on Monday.

To those she did inform, Mrs. Clinton was emphatic: She intended to “press on” with her campaign schedule, she said. Her confidants concluded that Mrs. Clinton did not want to be challenged over her preference to keep the pneumonia secret and continue working.

Mrs. Clinton’s inner circle was mindful of both her guardedness and her expectation of loyalty once her mind is made up. And she herself was optimistic that she could recuperate over the weekend, when she had only two brief events on her schedule, said the advisers and allies, who insisted on anonymity to disclose private conversations.

But Mrs. Clinton’s penchant for privacy backfired. On Monday, her campaign scrambled to reassure voters about her health, a day after she grew visibly weak and was filmed being helped into a van: unsettling images that circulated widely and led her aides to disclose the pneumonia diagnosis, two days after the fact.

Mrs. Clinton’s aides acknowledged that they should have been more forthcoming and said she would release more details about her physical fitness and medical history this week, a concession to the political pressure that she is now under because she chose not to disclose her diagnosis sooner.

But the manner in which Mrs. Clinton’s illness became public has also revived concerns among supporters, and criticism among her detractors, about her seemingly reflexive tendency to hunker down and hoard information, often citing a “zone of privacy,” when she senses a possible political threat. Her desire for tight control over personal information deepened during the partisan wars of the 1990s, influenced her use of a private email server as secretary of state, and now threatens to make her look, again, as though she has something to hide...
That's because she does have something to hide, her poor health.

The lies are frankly par for the course.

Combined, it's an extremely combustible concatenation that threatens to derail her entire campaign, especially if Donald Trump keeps playing his cards right (as he's done so far).

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