Friday, September 16, 2016

QVC Model Sammi Marsh-Wade Becomes Internet Sensation as Her Skimpy Slip Leaves Practically Nothing to the Imagination

At London's Daily Mail, "QVC model becomes an internet hit as her skimpy slip leaves VERY little to the imagination":
A model revealed more than she was hoping to when she appeared on the QVC shopping channel.

Donning a tight-fitting grey slip, which aims to give you a flawless figure under your clothes, Hampshire model Sammi Marsh-Wade was not aware that her nipples were clearly visible.

Due to the tightness of the dress, little was left to the imagination and eagle-eyed viewers quickly pointed out the wardrobe malfunction online.

In the clip, the two presenters say that bodysuits are making a bit of a comeback - calling the slip 'very Hollywood' and 'glamorous'.

The QVC sales segment encouraged viewers to buy the tight grey slip - but it has become popular for an entirely different reason.

The thin and tight nature of the dress meant that the 26-year-old Sammi's nipples were visible through the material and viewers even unkindly pointed out that her nipples were 'uneven'.