Tuesday, November 22, 2016

200 Racist Idiots Show Up at 'Alt-Right' Conference in D.C. and the Leftist Media Goes Berzerk

I've had enough of this.

The 'alt-right" is nothing. It's like some 4chan nightmare come to life. Seriously.

Richard Spencer got full fawning treatment at the Los Angeles Times last week, "'There's nothing wrong with being white.' Trump's win brings 'white pride' out of the shadows."

And noq, Sarah Kendzior, and I'm sure numerous others, got the Times to change their headline on yesterday's alt-right conference in D.C., with the new headline denoting "white supremacists."

But the thing is, they number in the low hundreds. They're nobodies. I mean, who knew racism would be so popular in the late-Obama interregnum?

But see Jamie Weinstein:

Still more, at the New York Times (seeing a pattern here?):