Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kendall Jenner Quits Instagram — And Then Restores Her Account (VIDEO)

She restored her account today, posting a flurry of new photos.

Frankly, no serious celebrity hottie in this day and age is going to spend a long time in social media "detox." And she's a hot chick.

At WWTDD, "Kendall Jenner Seems Simple":
There's a reason nature didn't evolve women who were both hot and smart. For the very same reason the vast majority of offensive tackles aren't majoring in engineering. Smart attractive women or smart huge strong guys in any reasonable number would quickly take over the species. The smart attractive women would refuse to fuck and the smart big men would spend their days inventing undetectable ways to spike the punch bowl.

Kendall Jenner recently announced she was leaving Instagram. The many millions of people who rely on Kendall Jenner's day to get through their own expressed dismay and shock. Somebody bought a fancy new belt that looked amazing. Theories on Jenner's abandonment ranged from the inane to the inane. Her followers don't have great range. But it was all so simple, as Jenner explained on Ellen...

Here's video, "Kendall Jenner Plays 'Hot Hands: Kardashian Jenner Edition'."

Plus, at EW, "Kendall Jenner returns to Instagram a week after deleting account."

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