Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Electoral College Is in Play

Leftitsts hate the Electoral College and want to abolish it. Indeed, with Hillary winning the popular vote, outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer's threw a Hail Mary with a new proposed constitutional amendment in the Senate.

But depraved progressives would be singing the glories of the system should Democrat electors engineer a "faithless" revolt come December, which a Colorado elector, writing at Daily Kos, says is possible (via Instapundit):
I am one of the Electoral College Electors from Colorado. This is by virtue of Hillary Clinton prevailing in Colorado (moving me from a nominated certified Elector to “actual” Elector). Late last week I canvassed half my fellow CO Electors beginning with Micheal Baca, who is mentioned here in the Denver Post article: Colorado presidential elector seeks to block Donald Trump from White House, also talked to numerous political reporters both print and national on line media, (AKA; John Frank the author of the above article and Kyle Cheney from Politico, author of this article, Here are the people who will cast the formal vote for president next month​, political science and presidential history university scholars, law school professors, political professionals, elected and government officials and I have come to this conclusion: INDEED THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE IS IN AN HISTORIC PLAY. Where this goes is speculation but sentiment is building that the Electors cannot sit by and be ceremonial.
Fuck 'em.