Monday, November 21, 2016

Well, Shoot, I Was Waiting for Trump's Purge Anarchy

Scott Eric Kaufman has died.

The hand of God swept to smite that asshole from the earth.

When I think of the one person I'd purge if purge anarchy was a possibility (in our times of troubles), it'd be SEK.

Sorry not sorry.

This was an evil person, a perfect representation of the evil the left produces. There is no redeeming quality. There's nothing redeeming I could even think of in his case. He was an all-around despicable person and I'm cheering his exit from this mortal existence.

Good riddance.

In any case, long time readers will get it. If you're a newbie around these parts, see "The Lies of Scott Eric Kaufman — Leftist Hate-Blogger Sought to Silence Criticism With Libelous Campaign of Workplace Harassment."