Saturday, January 7, 2017

Brutal Chicago Video is No Surprise in Climate of Racial Lies

From Mark Davis, at Town Hall:

 photo 586e46047ca576062f5b0b7a_o_F_v2_zpspi4elt5s.jpg
The toxic roots of this outrageous crime are on display every day. They are found in the sick and malicious rhetoric that filled the air in reaction to the Trump campaign, that has only intensified since his victory. And it wasn’t only from liberals.

How many people on TV, in elected office, from the stages of shrill rallies, have spread the following damnable lies:

-- Donald Trump is a racist.

-- Our cops are racist.

-- Our country is racist.

Pour this poison into the heads of kids already damaged by the societal dysfunctions around them, and we might wonder why we don’t get videos like this with nauseating regularity.

The animus of the left is on constant display. Black Lives Matter tells America that waves of racist cops are out to kill our black youth. Democrat politicians have maligned Trump as a bigot for pure sport, joined by some unhinged NeverTrumpers.

Astride it all, we have had a President for eight years who has discouraged none of this, while adding his own winking double-talk that makes clear his belief that racism is still rampant in the nation that elected him twice.

So don’t let anyone get away with feigned bewilderment over how this barbaric cruelty happened. The responsibility for it is shared by anyone who has engaged in the slanders that fill the daily talking points of the left.
Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur.