Thursday, January 12, 2017

Coup d'État! Release of BuzzFeed Russia Hack Is Democrat-Leftist Attempt to Overturn the Election!

It's Mark Levin.

He's got an angry shtick anyway, but he's really pissed off here.

At Conservative Review, "Levin: BuzzFeed’s Russia Hack Job is the Left ‘Staging a Coup’ Against Trump":
“It is time that we stand our ground in defending Donald Trump’s legitimacy,” said Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin during a fiery segment at the beginning of his radio show Wednesday night. “The praetorian guard media, the Democrat party … Academia and Hollywood are seeking a coup of sorts” against the president-elect.

Levin was referring to a widely-panned “news” story at Buzzfeed that reported salacious, unverified, and disputed accounts of Trump’s dealing with Russia.

“What [the Left] seek to do … is drive issues of controversy,” he concluded. “They’re laying the foundation, not only to discredit Trump, but to impeach him down the road.”

He went on to call all “corners of the conservative movement” to rally around the president-elect “not for every issue, not for every nominee, but for the legitimacy of the election … for our country, for our Constitution.”

“The specific major issue of the legitimacy of this election and our Constitution is under attack,” Levin told his audience. “What you saw yesterday was an absolute attempt to overturn the election!”