Saturday, January 7, 2017

Esteban Santiago's Florida Jihad

Following-up, "Esteban Santiago Charged with Three Federal Crimes, Each Carry Possibility of Death Penalty (VIDEO)."

Here's Douglas Gibbs, at Political Pistachio, "Florida Jihad 2017":

Esteban Santiago Jihad photo C1kS8eUXAAA1VAf_zpstxahi7j7.jpg
Islam is terror.  Jihad is terror.  While there may be Muslims who claim to be moderate, the moderates are truly those who reject the violent teachings of the Koran.  Islam teaches hate, while Christianity teaches love.

As we continue to import Muslims in the name of "refugees," the reality is, what we are experiencing is an invasion.  And those who have invaded our shores have also turned Americans into Muslim killing machines.

On Friday a gunman killed five people at a Florida airport, and according to the FBI, he specifically traveled to Florida to carry out the terrorist attack. 26 year-old Esteban Santiago is the suspected gunman in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting that claimed five lives.  He sports a Muslim-style beard, and is most recently from Alaska.  He served in the Army National Guard, Alaska was his last duty station.  He entered the National Guard in Puerto Rico.

In November, Santiago paid a visit to the FBI office in Anchorage, telling agents he was hearing voices and being directed by U.S. intelligence agencies.  According to the report, he told the FBI that the U.S. Government forced him to watch ISIS videos.  The ruse of government mind-control will have many, I am sure, shifting the blame from Islam, to the United States.  My thought is, "Is it possible both Islam and the Obama administration are to blame?"

The military has stated that Santiago's nine years of service in the National Guard included one 10-month tour of Iraq, where he was awarded a combat action badge...
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