Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jeff Sessions Faces Onslaught from the Most Ugly and Dishonest Political Activists in America

From J. Christian Adams, at Pajamas, "Pray for Jeff Sessions":

Everyone who believes in prayer should say some for attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. Senator Sessions is experiencing the full wrath of the worst hateful lies that the modern Left and Democrat Party can conjure. Lies, half-truths, and smears have become the strategy to attack his nomination.

The age of Obama has seen the rise of bricks-and-mortar operations with deep cash reserves designed to permanently transform the nation, and the Justice Department has been ground zero. That's why Jeff Sessions is the perfect pick for attorney general, and that's why the liars on the Left are willing to smear this good man. They've served up all their familiar charges against him from their phobia smorgasbord: homo-, xeno-, Islamo- or trans-.

That's why the NAACP decided to trespass and occupy his Senate office -- an action far worse than the one that landed James O'Keefe in jail (banner photo above). Don't expect Loretta Lynch to do anything. Who commits the crime is sometimes more important than what they did. O'Keefe played for the wrong team.

Sessions' opponents hate that he understands them better than most in Washington, and understands the damage they have done transforming the nation in the last eight years...
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Sessions is perhaps the best pick of the entire cabinet. I can't wait until he gets to work!

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