Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Leftists Foment 'Contentious Dialogues' at Women's March on Washington (Bad Causes Attract Bad People)

Following-up from last night, "White Women Feel Unwelcomed at the Women's March on Washington."

And now at the Other McCain, "Race Divides #WomensMarch as Black Feminists Tell White Women to Shut Up":
Bad causes attract bad people, and the problems afflicting the Women’s March are typical. Seth Mandel notes that organizers of the march include Linda Sarsour, director of the taxpayer-funded Arab American Association of New York. Sarsour is notorious for hateful rhetoric that is not just anti-Jewish, but also anti-American and anti-Christian. When criticized, Sarsour accuses her critics of being “Zionist trolls.”

We should expect only evil from a movement led by such people.

Vile people. Leftists are truly vile.