Monday, January 9, 2017

Robert Reich's 12-Point Plan for 100 Days of Resistance to Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Heh, I didn't know he had a 12-point plan.

I do now, lol.

At Althouse's, "Robert B. Reich explains his 12-point plan for 100 Days of Resistance to Donald Trump."

Despite Reich's claims, this doesn't look like "the agenda of a powerful America," but of a weak and cranky one. The plan calls for defending sanctuary cities (a big losing, lawbreaking issue); giving to 501(c)3 non-profit political organizations (like the SPLC, which is in fact a lie-infested hate group); and working to "abolish the Electoral College by voting for the winner of the popular vote in your state in 2020" (which isn't the way to abolish the Electoral College, no matter how hard leftists moan and groan about it).

Interesting, in any case.