Saturday, January 9, 2021

Chad Felix Greene is Absolutely on Fire!

I've been meaning to follow him, but wasn't sure if he was the genuine article. But after seeing this thread, I'm gobsmacked!

And it's now available on the Thread Reader App (which hasn't been banned yet by Big Tech). 

Here, "Chad Felix Greene":

Every person on the left believes they just survived the parallel to the rise of Nazism in Germany and they defeated it.

They stopped it.

They believe all Republicans are 1950's white racists.

They feel empowered to live out their Civil Rights warrior fantasies. They imagine themselves toppling Jim Crow and the Confederacy and the Nazi army in one swoop and every powerful authority is on their side.

They aren't silencing conservative speech.

They are eradicating violence, terrorism, racism and hate from the internet.


They are *gleeful* we are vulnerable and scared of our voice being suppressed.

They think we are the people in old 1950's photos angrily shouting at black school children.

We are not people to them.

We are symbols of what they feel morally driven to remove from the world.

The most powerful people who influence technology see us the same way.

We aren't customers.

We aren't users.

We aren't people with real lives and families and businesses.

We are a problem to be solved and they've been trying to figure out how for years and finally can do it.

The reason free market ideals no longer work is because the market is controlled by fewer and fewer people who dominate all options.

And those people are ideologically driven to eradicate from society all sources of hate.

Its a religious crusade. And we are the target.


We cannot reason with them. They see our pleas for fairness like you would imagine a segregationist doing so.

They believe - believe - that once we are gone the internet and therefore society will be cleansed, free, peaceful and able to heal FROM US.

I say 'us' because we are not the one's defining our place in this world.

We aren't white supremacists or nazis or bigots or violent insurrectionists.

But the powerful have segregated society into good and bad thought and their strict and narrow worldview has placed us here.

We are innocent.

But it doesn't matter to them.

They *hate* what they imagine we are.

They cannot be persuaded otherwise. You cannot convince them *you* are a good person wrongly categorized.

The only people with influence have made up their minds and don't care to change it.

The *only* option is a steady Civil Rights movement to make it illegal, step by step, to do this to us.

They won't voluntarily stop. They think they are the heroes of the story fighting for the good of humanity.

Each remaining GOP leader MUST begin NOW.

Legal action.



This means adding Political Affiliation to anti-discrimination law in red states.

We no longer have the luxury of arguing against the idea of protected classes.

We are now a marginalized group.

You need to accept that and behave as such.

This is a Civil Rights movement. If you think you are exempt from this because you didn't vote for Trump or you defend businesses with 'they have a right to' you are not paying attention.

*You* do not define your status.

Its imposed onto you.

Just like every prior targeted group.

You are a minority now. You are targeted for what you believe, who you are associated with and - be very clear - your existence. You cannot change that fact.

This has been applied to you.

Enough bickering over the philosophical nuances.

You are a marginalized minority now.

1st step is adding Political Affiliation to anti-discrimination AND hate crime laws because the left targets us for physical violence.

Create the legal framework to force businesses and corporations to defend their discrimination policies.

Force them to second guess them. We don't need the federal level to do this.

We just need a solid foundation to force their hand legally.

This will not stop until it is illegal and enforced to stop.

You will not shame them into acting ethically or fairly.

Any GOP who refuses to act must be voted out. Eventually we must stop treating the internet as a fad and gadget we can just toss aside and move on from.

We must have an internet bill of rights.

Legal rights protecting all people from censorship and banning for who they are or what they believe.

This is a new world.



I understand the traditional free market arguments, but they no longer apply.

Businesses are behaving collectively as they did in the 1950's Jim Crow era and joining together to discriminate against a single group in order to protect themselves from popular outrage. You are now in that group.

Your entire online life.

Your online communication.

Your digital currency.

Your job.

Your healthcare.

Your access to the world.

Its not 'just Twitter.'

It can be taken from you for nothing more than a photo or an association.

You cannot compete. People who believe your skin color, your sexuality, your gender identity, your faith and the core beliefs that make up how you engage in politics place you in a category deserving of discrimination and violence *control* your life right now.

Understand this.

Stop fighting it.

It is time to relentlessly legally fight back.

We don't like to do this. But its our only option to regain liberty.


Every act of racism, seismic, discrimination, religious discrimination - all of it must be treated like an LGBT person suing over a wedding cake.

I cannot repeat this enough. The powerful left **will not** voluntarily stop this crusade.

We must use available legal efforts now to overwhelm them with lawsuits and legal challenges to stop all forms of discrimination they feel entitled to now.

Political Affiliation too. I am a gay/trans man and a Jew.

I know what discrimination and marginalization is.

I know what its like to be hated for nothing more than who you are.

This is it.

This is real.