Saturday, January 30, 2021

'I'll Circle Back' (VIDEO)

Here's the laughably incompetent new Press Secretary Jen Psaki lampooned at Fox News, which, while I know a lot of folks are hating on Fox these days, for not being pure enough, or whatever, for me that's still a great place to score some lolz during all of these "TERRIBLE, HORRENDOUS, DANGEROUS TIMES --- TIMES SO THREATENING TO THE MAINTENANCE OF OUR DEMOCRACY, THAT WE MUST KEEP UP THAT 10-FOOT TALL RAZOR-WIRE WALL AROUND CAPITOL HILL, TO KEEP THE UNWASHED RUBES DAFUK OUTTA WASHINGTON." 

All the "racial healing" coming our way is literally killing me, lol, and while I say this a lot, it's also one of the only things right now that keeps a smile on my face, heh.