Sunday, January 10, 2021

'There will be all sorts of depredations visited upon us by those who wield all the influence of culture, academia, and state...'

 It's Krakatoa, at AoSHQ, "EMT 1/9/21 - The Stupid Edition":

Don't do stupid things.

Take it from a moron: You know they are stupid, deep down, when you have to tell other people, often relative strangers, all about the stupid thing you really want to do hoping for some validation and fellowship.

At that point, even if that thing wasn't really stupid to begin with , it turned stupid once it left your mouth and hit the ears of people you don't know enough about to be able to trust.

Generally, people that encourage your stupid ideas aren't quality friends.

Stupid things will get you in trouble. Could be small trouble. Could be really big trouble.

I have a friend who does more than his share of stupid things, and since his two closest friends kept trying to talk him out of those things, he cultivated new friends. At his heart he is a prepper. He is far too unhealthy to be any sort of danger, and he acknowledges that.

One of those new friends just got picked up by the state B.I., along with all his computers, guns [and] other assorted stuff. Blowing off steam is one thing.

Using a "free" email service to sending emails that entertain all sorts of vengeance plots is another. Participating in email groups where that sort of thing goes on is stupid.

Following up those emails with in-person meetings of supposed like-minded travelers is running the stupid flag to the top of the pole for everyone to see.

Some of you may know that old poker saying: If you are sitting at the table and you can't figure out who the donkey is, you are the donkey.

Well similar to that is that in any group of 3 people plotting violence, no matter how justified two of those my feel, the third is probably an informant.

It was stupid of my friend to visit with those people a few weeks ago, even if his goal was to talk them down. We tried to talk him out of it, but now I fear he will soon be joining his new friend in trouble with the law, even though his focus is prepping and personal defense.

Things are bad, and they are going to get worse.

There will be all sorts of depredations visited upon us by those who wield all the influence of culture, academia, and state...

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