Monday, January 4, 2021

President Trump 'Could Ditch' Joe Biden's Inauguration

We'll see. I mean, it's not like "ditching" Biden's inauguration is going to bring down the American republic, despite the hysterical cries of the leftists everywhere.

At the Scotland Herald, "Donald Trump 'could ditch inauguration' with Turnberry trip'":

Speculation is mounting that US President Donald Trump could be planning to snub the inauguration of successor Joe Biden - by flying to Scotland.

President Trump has made no secret of his disdain for his election loss, and continues to dispute the result which saw his Democratic challenger elected to the White House by a record margin of votes.

Now Prestwick Airport has been told to expect the arrival of a US military Boeing 757 aircraft which has been occasionally used by Trump, on January 19 – the day before Mr Biden takes over.

This chimes with reports in the US that Trump will announce a 2024 re-election bid during a flight on one of the President’s official Air Force One planes on inauguration day.

Veteran NBC reporter Ken Dilanian tweeted: “Trump may announce for 2024 on inauguration day. Either way, he won’t attend the inauguration and does not plan to invite Biden to the White House or even call him.”

Every plane Trump flies in has a special call sign, including his own personal Boeing 757, which has the call sign Tyson 1.

Air traffic controllers receive details of the arrival of a plane with a US special call sign weeks in advance but are not told exactly which plane when the booking is made.

A source at Prestwick airport, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Sunday Post: “There is a booking for an American military version of the Boeing 757 on January 19, the day before the inauguration...

Still more.

I hope he does "announce for 2024," heh.