Sunday, July 20, 2008

Iran's Genocidal Hatred of Israel

David Noon is disappointed that Israeli historians are favoring preventive military action against Iran's nuclear development program. To Noon, and many other lefties disconnected from the realites of international life, for a historian to make a reappraisal of previously held views is heresy from pacifist shibboleths and left-wing ideological conformity.

Thus, it's even more interesting to read Andrew Bostom's article, "
Shi'ite Iran's Genocidal Jew Hatred":

Earlier this week Professors Moshe Sharon and Benny Morris both opined solemnly about an inevitable Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. These two respected Israeli academicians, despite holding very disparate political views, also concurred on the moral justification for such pre-emptive action -- the annihilationist threat to Israel posed by a Shi'ite Iranian regime gripped with an apocalyptic, Jew-hating fervor. The pillars of this continuous modern campaign of annihilationist antisemitism are the motifs from traditional Islamic Jew hatred, including, most significantly, Islamic eschatology. These deep-seated Islamic theological motifs are further conjoined to Holocaust denial, and the development of a nuclear weapons program intended expressly for Israel's eradication.
There's lots more at the link, plus Bostom's got the whole series available at his blog.