Thursday, July 31, 2008

John McCain's Final Solution!

I noted previously - with reference to the McCain campaign's "Celeb" ad buy - that there's a racist double-standard on race this election season. We saw yesterday, for example, that just suggesting Barack Obama's "presumptuousness" triggers cries of "racism" from left-wing partisans.

As one blogger argued, perhaps the Democrats are "so horny for someone to call Obama a shiftless darkie they're this close to saying it themselves."

The allegations of John McCain's race-baiting have continued today. This comment, from
The New Disease, is mindboggling:

What's really going on here? This ain't McCain taking a cheap shot at Obama's "celebrity" status....

This vicious, nasty, disgusting ad is about the black mens and the white womens. And how the former ain't supposed to touch the latter. It's about a threat to the white womens! Rape! Why else juxtapose two comely young white ladies in striking profile shots against the vaguely threatening, kinda shadowy image of a black man, with sorta scary chanting in the background. That chanting has a purpose, too - it says the black man has somehow bewitched the white folk and fooled them with his mystical savage black powers somehow.
This is an incredibly interesting passage, particularly for someone like myself, who has studied Jim Crow race relations as a professional, and as one who's father grew up in pre-civil rights era Missouri, especially since the hypothesized "strapping black predator" theme in McCain's ad buy absolutely never occcured to me.

Indeed, I'm convinced more than ever that the lefties are jonesing so bad - including Barack Obama himself - that every single criticism of his campaign or personal statements is "racist."

The Republicans have responded, in "
McCain Camp: 'Obama Has Played the Race Card'."

But that's not all!

It's not enough to allege racism: Obama backers are now
making the case that the "Celeb" ad recalls the Nazi propaganda films of Leni Riefenstahl, especially, "Triumph of the Will."

So, we have McCain not just as a white-feminine sex object race-baiter, he's further alleged as mounting a campaign of 1930s imperialist, industrial-style, war-state final solution-esque propaganda!

Now, while its certainly okay to check the veracity of McCain's campaign blitz against Obama (Garance Franke-Ruta notes that
bloggers are on the assignment), to go as far as to suggest that images of young celebrity sex-kittens juxtaposed to a Democratic-sponsored campaign speech by a black American presidential candidate in modern-day Berlin is a reprise of the 1000-Year Reich, is patently absurd.