Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Blacks (and Leftists) Don’t Care About Civil Rights


I had an interesting exchange in the comments yesterday at Lawyers, Guns and Money.

Robert Farley, in response to Michael O'Hanlon's criticism of Barack Obama's continued calls for an Iraq timetable, says, "Mike, go f**k yourself..."

What's striking about this - really striking - is not so much the raunchy rebuke (which seems so common in our age of vulgarity), but the fact that Farley's
an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky's Patterson School of Diplomacy. He's also a regular contributor to the American Prospect, a left-wing journal of opinion.

One might think that even when blogging a professor might display some standards of decorum toward those with whom they disagree. But not with LGM - these folks are mean and nasty.

And don't even get me going about the commenters!

I noted,
at the post, in response to Farley:

Geez, the significance of this entire post is summed up by one dumb four-letter epithet.

The Dems have lost the Iraq cudgel, and all you folks can do is cuss about it.

Of course, that spurs a response from the LGM hordes, for example:

F**k you too.

I lovelovelovelove semi-conscious morons who've never met a nigger they weren't terrified of or the death of hundreds of thousands they couldn't feel aroused by -- but get oh so upset or concerned 'bout cussin'.
I generally take offense when people start using the n-word, and I said so at the entry:

Ah, I was raised by "niggers," if that's the terminology you want to use for blacks, like my dad.

So let me return the favor with the cuss words, okay. You folks are already opening the door to Satan with your attacks on folks like Tony Snow, so racist attacks like this just further confirm the complete absence of divine soul among lefties.
Just in case I've never mentioned it previously, my dad was born and raised in Missouri, and his grandparents had been slaves. I've recently added my picture to Gravatar, so each Haloscan comment includes an image of yours truly. But that didn't stop the commenters from attacking my authenticity:

So we believe that Americaneocon is black because he says so?
Then Matt Weiner responds further down:

He writes under his own name, which would make it really easy for someone to bust him if he were lying. And from the other picture I've seen of him, he certainly looks as if he could be black. (I dug up a picture once because he was saying some stuff that was extremely ill-advised if he wasn't black, and I was curious.) And I believe he hasn't said anything dishonest about his own personal life and situation -- most of it has tended to be unintentionally self-revealing instead.
The whole exchange is revealing, as it's a perfect example of attacking the "troll" who shows up to disrupt the choir, while defending the essential racism inherent at LGM (note that even Bill O'Reilly went after left-wing nihilist commenters this week, in response to the death of Tony Snow).

In any case, relating my forays into the leftosphere's subterranean world of hate is mostly a prelude to sharing La Shawn Barber's post, "
Why Black People Don’t Care that GOP Is Civil Rights Party."

Barber's responding to Bruce Bartlett's essay at today's Wall Street Journal, "
The GOP Is the Party of Civil Rights."

makes a point that doesn't get stressed enough in current debates:

The Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and was established in 1854 to block the expansion of slavery. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery: Its two founders, Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, owned large numbers of slaves, and every party platform before the Civil War defended the institution unequivocally.
Barber agrees, but he doubts that rank-and-file Democrats are going to leave their party any time soon:

Bravo, Bruce. But if you or any other white Republican think all these facts will suddenly change black people’s minds, you’re destined to be disappointed. Democrats know they’ve got an eternal lock on 90 percent of the “black vote.” All they have to do is continue to promise black Americans bigger and better government programs and handouts (so-called affirmative action, set-aside contracts, and other entitlements qualify as handouts to me), and encourage them to blame third parties for their troubles. (And I’m talking about blacks as a group here.) No grand theories. Along with reasons I mentioned in that 2004 article (federal government as savior, for example), it is that simple.

I've made similar arguments many times (here and here, for example), and in response I've been labeled "racist."

But let me just expand on Barber's point: It's not just black Americans who are looking for "bigger and better government programs and handouts." Leftists in general attack anyone who talks about race critically as "racist," while many of these people are simultaneously the most vicious racists themselves.

Here's a good example: "Sharecrop Them Votes!"

This is all in a day's work, but that's blogging I guess.

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Photo Credit: "Slavery’s Last Chapter"