Monday, July 21, 2008

Postmodern Truth on Obama and Iraq

Michael Goldfarb, the Deputy Communications Director for John McCain's presidential campaign, makes a very concise argument on Barack Obama's consistent demands for withdrawal from Iraq, regardless of circumstances on the ground:

The reduction in violence, political reconciliation, the decimation of al Qaeda in Iraq, and the freedom of the Iraqi people--these are the fruits of the surge strategy that Barack Obama opposed and that John McCain advocated. The American people want their troops to come home, but the premise of this campaign is that they want the troops to come home with honor, having won the victory they've earned, and having left behind a stable and democratic Iraq that will be an ally in the war against radical Islamic extremism.

While Barack Obama promises to bring the troops home within 16 months, an unconditional timeline we reject not only as being dangerous but infeasible, John McCain promises to bring the troops home with victory secured. If there is a "growing consensus" to withdraw American troops, that consensus only exists because the American people now recognize that victory is at hand and our presence will not be required in Iraq for much longer. But Barack Obama has always supported withdrawing troops, regardless of the consequences for Iraq, the region, and American national security. At some point, we will be 16 months away from leaving Iraq, and then Obama will be claiming he was right all along. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Barack Obama's been wrong on Iraq from the beginning.

What's amazing, though, is how the
postmodernists' version of the truth can now be pushed as the reality on Iraq, that, for example, both John McCain and President Bush have now "adopted" Obama's Iraq policy.

We've got a freaky, postmodern, post-MSM news spin, which is working very hard to elect our first postmodern president.

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UPDATE: There's still hope in the world! See, Allahpundit, "Obama: If I Had it to Do Over Again, I’d Still Oppose the Surge; Update: 'Clearly There’s Been an Enormous Improvement'."