Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Democrats Calling the Kettle Black — Hey, That's RAAAAACIST!!

JENNY BETH MARTIN and MARK MECKLER have some pushback against the bogus left-wing anti-tea party RAAAAACIST smears (via Memeorandum).

And as I've chronicled many times over the years, nobody beats the Dems for mainstream political party racism. Just ask Firedoglake race-baiters
Blue Texan and TBogg!

(And it took me maybe all of 5 minutes to round up a few embarrassing clips of Democratic Party racism and stupidity. No doubt we could fill a book or two of examples, and genuine instances of conservative racism are so infrequent that
leftists have to invent them.)


M. Bouffant said...

How is the TBogg thing you linked to racist?

Of course, your insistence that any one who wasn't brought up in the country killing animals is not one of these "real" Americans is not racial at all.

Dennis said...

As a modern day Brer Rabbit might say, "Please keep calling everybody a racist." The more people the left and democrats alienate the better for the country. I have to admit that I enjoy watching these people self destruct. The term no longer has the power to silence people. In fact it brings out more dialogue in opposition.
When you live by the pejorative you die by the pejorative.

JBW said...

You know, "genuine instances of conservative racism" would be easier to find if you didn't delete them from your comment sections, Don.

JBW said...

"...genuine instances of conservative racism are so infrequent that leftists have to invent them."

I'm just assuming that a slip of the finger accidentally deleted the several genuine instances of conservative racism I found for you Don, so I also got you this:

"In 2007 Barack Obama began campaigning for the presidency. Since that time, his reception by the American Right has included claims that he is--among other things--a covert Muslim, a welfare thug, a "racist...with a deep-seated hatred of white people or the white culture," and as a president with a policy of landing on the side that "favors the black person."

During the 2008 campaign, one GOP congressman called Obama "uppity", while another referred to him as "that boy." At the Values Voters summit, vendors showed up hawking Obama Waffles, while a California Republican group sent out fake food stamps with Obama surrounded by ribs and chicken. By the end of the campaign, Palin-McCain supporters were repeatedly showing up at rallies publicly announcing that Obama was a Muslim, mocking him as a monkey and openly flaunting the fact that they opposed him because he was black. The monkey jokes continued into Obama's presidency--with South Carolina GOP activist Rusty DePass noting that an escaped gorilla was "probably just one of Michelle Obama's ancestors."

There are of course plenty of links to back these examples up at the original article if you doubt their veracity. No doubt I could fill a book or two of examples but you'd invariably delete them as well. Are you more afraid of being proven wrong or just looking stupid in front of your readers? I anxiously await your response.