Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 'Hotness Gap' Just Too Much for Illiterate English Professor Scott Eric Kaufman!

I've hammered Scott Eric Kaufman so many times now it's ridiculous. The guy's a deranged stalker, of course (and an English professor who can't write English), so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he keeps coming back for more. And this time I'm not just getting allegations of sexual harassment of my female college students, but allegations of criminal activity as well:
“Shoot, I’m not even always right, LOL!”

So writes everyone’s favorite conservative blogger, seemingly confused as to whether he’s a teenager now or in 1955. Not that he’s “teenybopper blogging,” but when you think that Selena Gomez, whoever that is, quitting Wizards of Waverly Place, whatever that is, constitutes “breaking news,” you’re damn close. Either way, someone should inform him that just because he thinks and writes like he’s underage doesn’t make it legal for him to possess or disseminate semi-nude images of jail bait.

Of course, I'm not "in possession" of "semi-nude images of jail bait." Well, semi-nude, perhaps, but not jail-bait. The alleged "jail-bait" in question is in fact 21 year-old Lauren, sidekick to ├╝ber neocon Courtney at GSGF:


Note too that Little Scotty suggests some kind of pattern around here, considering my recent post on 17 year-old Selena Gomez (of whom SEK admits no clue). But as noted previously, when the Disney Channel constitutes the main staple around the AmPower family room 24/7, it's real news when the network's top actresses call it quits.

But I'm sensing something much larger here, and that's SEK's middle-aged loser syndrome, which is obviously exacerbated by the radical left's hotness gap. So let's compare: American Power mentors neocon hotties like
GSGF (and then some) while SEK (and his loser posse) boasts women like the unsightly lefties below. Yep, that hotness gap is a bitch, although it does help explain SEK's completely unhinged attacks on AmPow.


Hotness Gap


JBW said...

So let me get this straight: even though Hollywood, wherein you will find many of the most beautiful women in the world, is supposedly jam packed with dirty liberals who are united in their secret agenda to transform American society into a hedonistic den of moral iniquities, you guys are laying claim to the hotties? Ours. And we have thousands more where that came from.

1989 called: they want Malkin's hairdo back. And make sure you put out some fresh oats for Coulter.