Sunday, July 4, 2010

Patriotic Opposition

From John Podorhetz, at NY Post (via Memeorandum):
How are those of us who stand in opposition to the domestic agenda and for eign-policy views of President Obama and his administration to think about this country in 2010 as we approach the nation's birthday on Sunday?

Or, to put it another way: How should a self-described patriot think, act and talk about the United States if that self-described patriot believes the elected leadership of the United States has led the country into a ditch that threatens to expand into a bottomless chasm?

Does the fault lie with the president and his party, or does it reside in the electorate that installed them? If it resides in the electorate, what does that say about the condition of the United States? ....

In the case of Barack Obama, the root questions are: Who is he and why is he doing this?

Opponents answer the question in many ways, from the clear-cut (he's a Chicago Democrat) to the more suggestive (he's a 1970s-era campus leftist) to the silly (he wasn't born in America) to the sinister (he's a secret Muslim or Communist).

Conveniently, this kind of focus on Obama personally exempts the rest of the country from any blame, except for being so foolish as to fall for Obama's patter: The fault lies not in ourselves but in our leaders.

But for those who are unsatisfied with this, the blame attaches not to Obama himself -- after all, he really did tell us what he intended to do, by telling Joe the Plumber he wanted to redistribute wealth.

Rather, the blame attaches to the electorate for its foolishness in believing the hype, or for falling for the siren song of the European social democracy that Obama is eager to impose. So the root question here is: Have the American people changed?
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And now check out Mind Numbed Robot's awesome essay, "
Robo Love":
Within the links on this one post should be, would be enough grievances to motivate the American people from just one generation ago to dethrone this radical jack-ass president and his minions. More offenses than necessary to unseat most members of congress for treason and yet, I have to wonder, where are those Americans now? Are they too complacent? Do they fear their government so much as to not defy it? Or are they still mostly asleep or in a trance?

Where is the tumultuous roar of an outraged population beset by the very government entrusted to protect them? What will it take for a the real revolutionaries to mount their battle steeds and sail headlong into the clash? Are we just shouting in an echo chamber? Do we dare wait until the errant children, the liberals and democrats and RINO’s wake to the world they have created and cry in disgust “My God, What have I done?”

Where are the law suits challenging not only ObamaCare but every piece of unconstitutional garbage the Obamachine spews forth? Where are the statesmen and commanders of industry, economy and agriculture willing to stand and fight?

Too few. Too few.

I see now why the regime would like to silence the bloggers and the pamphleteers. We are the last hope for this country. I believe that with the very fiber of my soul and yet I am afraid it will not be enough.

My blogging friends, I know how hard you work. I applaud every one of you. But we must find a way to recruit more to the fight if we are going to win.

I’m speaking of the every day people who go about their lives trying to ignore the depravity around them. There are times I wish I had the ability but I cannot and we must wake them up to the peril in the throne room.
Interestingly, but I heard almost the exact version of Mind Numbed Robot's exhortation at yesterday's tea party. It was O.C.'s 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson. In the spirit of revolution, he implored us to take our country back at the polls this year. But the most important thing he said is that we have to get more people involved. We have to expand the scope of conflict. Get more great patriots of sound mind and morals, and begin taking back America one district at a time, all the way up to Congress and the White House.

It's off the sidelines, dear readers. Get out, get active, and get busy fulfilling the dreams of the founders. We'll shut down the corrupt union-fueled Democratic-socialist machine. The hopey-changey era will be winding down soon, be assured.


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