Friday, July 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow's Manufactured Outrage

I've seen various clips of Rachel Maddow's coverage of the Shirley Sherrod racism scandal, but one segment the other night really went off on Fox News in a way that's pure psychological projection. ("It's not news," blah, blah ... and that's coming from radical leftist Maddow of the neo-communist fake news channel MSNBC, where Keith Olbermann is a former Daily Kos contributor. Don't need JournoList to figure that stuff out.)

That said, I wasn't planning on commenting, but iOWNTHEWORLD's put up a doozy of a Rachel Maddow smackdown, so let's let it rip, "
This Dunce Is Supposed To Be A Rhodes Scholar?":

She is unwilling to concede that the Obama Administration acted stupidly and that they rushed to judgment. She is simply lost. Fox didn’t fire Sharrod. The left fired Sharrod. Fox can’t fire anyone unless they work for FOX. There is no equivalence between a news agency running a clip that didn’t tell the entire story (which they had no knowledge of) and a government seeing that story and dismissing, not the tape, but the woman on the tape. Besides, I thought Obama already declared Fox not to be a legitimate news agency? Why was he so quick to act on their reporting?

I am sure that if the entire tables were reversed, and it was Maddow who ran a clip that made a Bush appointee sound like a racist (because the end of the clip was cut) and Bush fired the guy, that Maddow would be apologizing to Bush for making him look like he had an itchy trigger finger.

No, the story would be that Bush is so incompetent he could be fooled by an edited tape.

Obama isn’t incompetent, he’s a victim.