Friday, July 16, 2010

Romney Advisor Smears Sarah Palin as 'Not a Serious Human Being'

I saw this story last night, and now it's picking up steam. Dehumanization is dehumanization, but this one's over in Andrew Sullivan territory, which is helluva feat.

At Politico, "
Palin aide swats Romney team." (Via Memeorandum.)

Tammy Bruce has the must see essay, "
When it Comes to Palin, Romney Decides the Gutter Suits ":

So, let’s interpret this–the Decent Man-of-Faith Mitt Romney is so decent, so trustworthy, that his first plan of action, his first choice of attack is to call into question not Palin’s ideas, or strategy, or approach, but her very humanity; an attack which blatantly attempts to dismiss her as a silly girl, someone not with whom he disagrees, but beneath complete human status. Normally, your first plan of attack is your best, most thoughtful plan. This says volumes about Romney’s nature and character and it will not be forgotten.

Romney’s flip-flopping and hypocrisy on most every important issue during the last campaign is chronicled by Conservatives4Palin. Perhaps Romney knows his lack of character and political opportunism make it impossible to confront Palin on the issues. But if he’s hoping for the traditional conservative ‘turning of the other cheek ‘ this time around, he’s got another thing coming,

And the Republican operative? Attempts to reduce her to an animal, literally, and a cat, no less. Sleek (attractive) and fast (dangerous), but also, essentially, not serious. An interesting conjunction and indicative of established Romney and frightened Republican party line.

Here’s a word of warning to all the establishment politicians who think dismissing or denigrating Sarah Palin will pay off. The tact has been tried and has already failed. The same smear was tried by Nikki Haley’s opponents, and it helped propel her to victory. Why? Because the American people are sick and tired of gutter-tripe tossed at women who dare to pursue their American dream.

We already know of the rank and obscene sexism rife in the Democrat Party. Men in the Republican Party were supposed to be more decent, have more character, and be more understanding of the diversity and strength of the American people. So here’s a suggestion to you more decent, more Godly, more in-touch Republican Elitists, contemplating the gutter from which to smear Palin, or Haley or any other conservative woman–instead of working out your issues about women while campaigning or in public office, work them out in a psychiatrist’s office and let the women who are striving to right this nation get to work.


dave in boca said...

The Palin adviser also jabbed at Romney for having changed some of his positions and suggested that Romney does not have full “control” of his team.

Anyone who read Game Change and still believes that Mark Helperin is an unbiased observer of the GOP/Jackass tussle has no critical thinking faculties.

I suggest that Helperin may have induced these remarks from a conveniently "anonymous" Mitt source to get a verbal firefight started.

Yeah, Mitt has some backing-and-forthing flip-flops in his background, just like Scott Brown and Guinness Record John Kerry, it's a Bay State necessity. Ask Sen. Martha Coakley if I'm right!