Friday, July 9, 2010

Rule 5 Rachel Maddow!

I'm kidding, of course. (Although we'll see what Linkmaster Smith has to say about it — and remember, it's Friday night and I've yet to post any hotties!)

Although I've never been one to jump on the "Rachel Maddow is ugly" bandwagon, she's not quite as nice looking nowadays as she was in high school. And it's not an age thing, obviously. Mostly stylistic, you might say. I do have a thing for blondes, in any case — like my wife, LOL!

Via Left Coast Rebel, "
(PHOTO) The Left Sees the World Through Group Identity, Collectivist Lenses: Rachel Maddow's High School Yearbook Photo":

Rachel Maddow

Also, "Rachel Maddow Was Really Hot in High School."

It's hard to think of a woman who has systematically worked harder to make herself less attractive, and not in an insignificant way, at least as far as the recent photo of Maddow in Kandahar indicates. As one commenter wrote at my earlier post:
Hopefully, she will meet a "nice" man, have an arranged hitching, and will spend the rest of her days covered in a burka, being a breeder and milking goats in some dusty hellhole in the outback along the Paki border. Her anti-American screed should go over big there...


Dennis said...

As I have stated before one cannot associate with Leftism long before it affects them both inwardly and outwardly. When they can so easily put people into categories it becomes very easy to see the others as "them." Once they can discount them as individuals it becomes much easier to see "them" as the enemy and as people who need to be eliminated. "Kill all of them Crackers" so to speak. Here all one has to be is white to meet the definition of "them."
It is why so much of the basis for Leftist thought contains a solution that requires the elimination of "them" who get in their way. One only has to look at the body count for Stalin, Mao, eugenics, et al, or listen to those who represent Leftism.
Justifications become easier and easier to make in order to take action to get rid of "them."
Ugliness in thought eventually leads to ugliness in action. It demonstrates itself in the art, music etc that one enjoys. When you see that hatred for beauty and its appreciation you see that ugliness making its way into a society's character. Look at the faces of Rosey ODonnel, Barbara Striesand, Behar, Bill Mahar, Maddow et al and you see that ugliness on parade.
Leftism will eventually make one into what they always feared in others, but it actually resides in themselves.

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Dave said...

Thought you all might like to see some of the comments over at NB on this very subject:

And yeah, I would have hit it.