Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rule 5 Saturday: Paulina Porizkova

Well, looks like Rule 5 weekend has gotten off to a great start!

My good friend Opus #6 has posted her link-fest entry, "Paulina Porzikova: A Top Notch Supermodel."

And that's a reminder for me: I first started Ruling 5-ing with Paulina Porizkova at Sports Illustrated. She's a darling.

Who else is joining the fun? At The Point of a Gun?

Great stuff, although not too much babe-blogging over there. Which is why folks head over to Theo Spark's for their totties! Never a disappointment at Bob Belvedere's or Washington Rebel, for that matter. And Gator Doug gets it going a bit as well. (And not to mention WyBlog!)

More weekend Rule 5 a bit later today!


Amusing Bunni said...

I have jumped on the bandwagon too!