Thursday, July 22, 2010

Staten Island Boy, 14, Slit Sisters' Throats Before Torching Family Home in Gruesome Murder-Suicide Case

Well, I was looking for something a little off the JournoList/Shirley Sherrod trail, but I wasn't expecting this, at New York Times (FWIW): "Boy Said to Slit Throats Before Fire on Staten Island."
As a single mother in a terrible job market, Leisa Jones had been doing everything she could to hold things together, working part time as a department store security guard during the holidays and, more recently, attending beauty school. Her neighbors said she had made the second-floor apartment on Staten Island where she lived with her four children — two boys and two girls — a place where good manners and good behavior mattered.

On Thursday, after firefighters had picked through the ruins of what they initially believed had been an early-morning fire that killed Ms. Jones and all four children, they uncovered evidence that was even more troubling: Ms. Jones’s oldest child, C. J. Jones, 14, had apparently started the blaze after slitting his sisters’ throats.

Then, investigators said, he slit his own.

“It ranks up there in some of the more heinous acts we’ve seen,” said a longtime Fire Department investigator, who insisted on anonymity because the investigation was continuing. “It’s pretty horrific.”

The slash wounds on the three bodies were discovered as investigators worked their way through the charred remains of the house, where four families lived, on Nicholas Avenue in the Port Richmond section, said Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman.

Investigators found Ms. Jones’s body and the bodies of the two girls — Brittney, 10, and Melonie, 7 — in the living room.

C. J.’s body was close by, slumped over a bed in a back bedroom. A straight razor was under his arm.
This is incredibly sad. (And the rest is here.)

The boy, C.J., had been suspended from school. A woman at the day care where his sisters attended told him he had to behave better. "You're the man of the house." So, my sense is that in trouble, he shouldered the responsibility to "help" his family by putting them all out of their misery. I can't say anything beyond that, except to ask if this would have happened had the real man of the house --- the childrens' father --- been at home providing stability?


Greywolfe said...

There is a cancer in our society's bones. We've destroyed the father and told women that they really can raise their children without him (except for his child support payments).

Our society has degraded to the point where a child's life means nothing. We murder the unborn and have a president who even defends the murder of those that survive late term abortion attempts.

I'm not surprised by this child's actions. It's the same sickness that causes youths to join the street gangs that require murder as a matter of course to be a member.

I'm saddened and sickened. But it is the natural progression when we've turned our backs on God. If God isn't our focus, then Lucifer will be.