Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Wake the F**k Up Michelle Malkin, You’re Black'

Yep, more leftist hatred directed at Michelle:

Michelle's been tweeting the NAACP convention as well.

And just in from the Kansas City Star, "
NAACP passes resolution on racism in tea party" (via Memeorandum).

Hmm... racism?

These folks know of where they speak:

Late this afternoon the NAACP passed a resolution calling on all people — including tea party leaders — to condemn racism within the tea party movement.

Passed on the fourth day of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s annual convention in Kansas City, the resolution also urged people to oppose what it said was the tea party’s drive “to push our country back to the pre-civil rights era.”

“We feel it’s very important that we educate our membership about the tea parties,” said Anita Russell, head of the Kansas City branch of the NAACP, as the debate on the resolution began. “We are concerned that there is a racist element within the tea parties.”
Well, as they say on Wizards of Waverly place, I think Ms. Russel sprinkled a little too much "Drama Queen" fairy dust into her Wheaties this morning.

Black Activists Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Movement." Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!!

Plus, "
St. Louis Tea Party Condemns NAACP Slur."

And William Jacobson writes, "
Make no mistake, either under the original or the revised version, the NAACP has placed itself firmly within the Democratic smear machine which for two years has been attempting to portray all opposition to Obama's policies as racist."

I'm just waiting for them to call out there own members for, ahh,