Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where Have All the Serious Republicans Gone?

From Jacob Heilbrunn, at Foreign Policy, "End of the Establishment."

Folks can check the link for a quick perusal. I'm just tripping on this cover photo, of the GEICO Neanderthal-like caveman representing the "unserious" Republican. Heilbrunn's a talented writer, and I enjoy his inside scoops on the neocons, but as we saw with yesterday's Pew survey, Americans see the tea parties as mainstream, and as more of the top GOP candidates adopt quasi-tea party platforms, it's increasingly hard for leftists to portray Repubs as troglodytes without marginalizing themselves even further.

Jacob Heilbrunn


Dennis said...

Sad part here is that this guy is probably smarter than Heilbrunn and most Leftists. Worse yet he is probably one step above them on the evolutionary ladder.