Monday, July 19, 2010

Who's Pushing Whom? California Nurses Association Sends Thugs to Rough Up the Opposition at Meg Whitman Protests

The California Nurses Association says they won't be pushed around: "Nurses mount 'pushy' campaign against Whitman":

One of the state's most powerful labor unions, saying it "won't be pushed around" by Meg Whitman, unveiled a scathing ad campaign Friday seizing on an altercation between the former eBay CEO and one of her employees.

The California Nurses Association said the incident shows how disconnected the GOP gubernatorial nominee is from working people.

At a news conference outside its Oakland headquarters that was attended by 150 nurses in red scrubs, the union unveiled a new ad campaign - "Nurses Won't Be Pushed Around" - and released posters showing a heavily jeweled hand adorned with rings that was meant to represent the billionaire candidate.

Well, who's pushing whom?


At Scared Monkeys, "Tea Party, Oops Union Goon Assaulting Videographer at CNA Rally in California." (Via Memeorandum.)

And at
Power Line, "It's funny how the political class is always wringing its hands about the potential for violence at Tea Party rallies, while 100% of the actual violence and intimidation that take place at political events is committed by union goons."

These thugs are the real deal. Turns out CNA has a "community organizing" affiliate, the National Nurses Organizing Committee.

More on that here: "Figures!... looks like the thug who shoved GOP volunteers isn't a nurse -- he is a community organizer."

Plus, they protested earlier outside Whitman's home — yeah, her home! "Nurses protest outside Whitman's home."