Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anthony Weiner Comes Clean! — UPDATE! MSNBC Interview Added (VIDEO)!!

Not quite, although the congressman's agreed to media sit-downs. I'm watching MSNBC right now. And at Politico, "Rep. Anthony Weiner 'can’t say with certitude' photo isn't him":
"I was a victim of a prank ..."

Rep. Anthony Weiner says he “can’t say with certitude” that the photo of a man’s crotch sent using his Twitter account isn’t of him.

“I didn’t send that picture out,” Weiner says.

“That’s not a picture of you?” he is asked by NBC News.

Weiner responds: “You know, I can’t say with certitude.”

The New York lawmaker continued to claim that his Twitter account was hacked.
Developing ...

12:15 PDT: The Other McCain reports: "Oh, My: In NBC Interview Weiner Won’t Deny Authenticity of Lewd Photo."

And basically the same story at CBS News.

I'm waiting for Rep. Weiner to sit down with Bret Baier at Fox News. This is gonna be killer!

12:45 PDT: Emily Miller tweets this photo:

Anthony Weiner

Still waiting for further interviews. CNN says they have a sit-down with Weiner coming right up ...

1:10 PDT: Okay, here's the clip from MSNBC:


Minicapt said...

"Anthony Weiner Comes Clean"
Cold water? No soap? I'd suggest a do-over.


Doug said...

He may sit down with Bret Baier, but I bet he'll want to wait a few minutes before standing back up...