Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Anthony Weiner on 'Good Morning America'!

Man, that's some morning coffee.

And interesting to see George Stephanopoulos reporting. Word has it that Step's mentor Bill Clinton did the honors at Weiner's wedding. Democrats all around would like this to go away, but news is news, and Weiner's making it hard to ignore.

And that's now all. Mediaite has more on the morning news coverage: "Breakfast Sausage: TODAY Shows Weiner Pic Sent From Rep. Weiner’s Twitter."

And The Other McCain takes stock:
Yesterday’s televised meltdown was, I think, complete vindication for those of us in the online community who spent Memorial Day weekend trying to convince people that #WeinerGate was an honest-to-goodness genuine news story.

It’s not only real, it’s spectacular.